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Amy Terwilliger is a manic fan of Amy Barksdale who makes his first appearance in Kara Wild's "In Search of Amy," written in April 2000.


Amy Terwilliger is a 20-something year old man who had his name legally changed from William so as to honor his favorite character. In addition, he created a mega site, The Holy Realm of Amy, and founded a virtual community called the Amy H.E.A.D.s ("Her Earthly Admirers till Death"). Terwilliger also routinely holds Amy conventions, where the minutiae from episodes where she made appearances, like "I Don't," are put on display. He can spend three hours after every Daria episode in chat, talking about how it could have been better if Amy had been in it.

When Terwilliger hears about the spin-off series Abruptly Amy, he is initially thrilled. However, he is horrified by the pilot episode, "Abruptly Amy: A New Beginning," leading him to sputter: "Th-that, that was not the Amy I know! The one I spent years building my life around! What about her confidence?! What about her sensuous cynicism?!! That woman was a basket case!!" Soon after, Terwilliger organizes H.E.A.D.s from all around the world to protest at Smithee Studios. During the violence that ensues, he gets knocked unconscious by a bottle and winds up in a coma. Terwilliger would reawaken, only to suffer a relapse once he caught a commercial clip of the pilot episode on the hospital television.


"I spend hours pondering what Amy meant in "I Don't" when she said: 'Change the radio station and you're a dead man.' Why was she so concerned about the radio station?? More so than about her very expensive car?? Did the radio station, perhaps, represent a window into her soul, and once it was changed, her soul was lost forever??"

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