Anita Isakson

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Anita Isakson is a fictional character first seen in Behind Enemy Lines, where she became Franklin Davers' companion and confidant aboard The Habitat, where they were both being held as slaves by the Slaver Mantoids. A slender, curvy redhead of nineteen hailing from Georgia (with the accent to go with it), Anita was a freshman with a major in communications at Princeton University with a desire to go into the radio industry as on-air talent. Three weeks into her first semester, she was abducted by the aliens and brought aboard, where she endured two years of forced labor and physical & sexual abuse from both aliens and her fellow captive humans.

Anita was a valuable source of information for Franklin on the Slaver Mantoids, as she had learned how to read the alien's language from reading informational texts that she had access to as one of the preferred sexual partners of Calvin, one of the members of The Watched. She has also bonded emotionally with him; aboard the giant alien vessel, the relationship they share is at a level beyond friendship, but not of a romantic nature, and they turn to one another for mutual support and comfort. (However, due to consumption of an aprodisiac and anti-inhibition compound of alien origin, Franklin and Anita have had intimate relations at least twice. The first time was accidental on Franklin's part; the second time occured when they were both administered the compound and compelled to become intimate so that members of The Watched could observe their coupling.) It is a testament to the level of worth Anita is to the members of The Watched that Franklin is not harmed for this relationship, as it has been noticed an commented upon.

Before attending Princeton, Anita worked for four years at her high school radio station (performing both on-air and technical duties) and also owned her own 'ham' radio appratus. She possesses a high level of knowledge in the operations and repair of communications and related electronics equipment, and is an excellent shot with handguns and assault rifles (she owned her own variant semi-automatic version of the Chinese SKS at age 16, one of several owned by family members who used them for hunting).

Because of her strategic value to Earth itself, Franklin has already decided to take Anita with him when he makes his escape from the alien orbital vessel - and has decided that if that means transforming her into a Beta Nightbreed like himself, then he would do that.

It has been revealed that Anita was one of several slaves rescued from The Habitat by Franklin, and that she assisted in the rescue after being transformed into a Beta Nightbreed by him. Anita is now a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and is a reserve DELPHI operative who keeps in very close contact with Franklin and the others rescued.