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Anne D. Bernstein in Daria Behind The Scenes Special

Anne D. Bernstein was an animation writer and illustrator. She worked for multiple projects, including writing eight episodes of Daria and various spinoff media.

Bernstein attended South Side High School and went to the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY from 1979 to 1983, where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. She started as a contributing editor to Paper magazine between 1984 and 1988 and as a sketch writer for Chucklehead before becoming a senior editor at Nickelodeon magazine, a magazine targeted to the child demographic of the network. In addition to supervising writers for the magazine, she also served as an editor for the comics section.

Her cartoon self on Buzzdome

In 1990 Bernstein drew the cover for the first issue of Drawn & Quarterly.[1]

Bernstein Between 1996 and the present she has worked as a writer or writer supervisor on several animated television programs. She was also a contributing editor at National Lampoon.

For MTV, Bernstein was Head Writer of MTV Animation Development, in charge of supervising freelance writers and writing show bibles and scripts. While never a head writer for Daria (there was no such title), she would write "The Daria Diaries", the first of two books based on the Daria TV series, and was responsible for the bulk of MTV's Daria website material. She ended up creating the entire extended Lane family for "Diaries" and later the show, as well as being responsible for Upchuck. She told Daria Behind The Scenes Special that she'd become "the expert at writing Trent/Daria sexual tension scenes".

Jake Morgendorffer is one of her favourite characters because of his random emotional outbursts. Many have speculated that Jane's appearence is largely based on Bernstein, however this has not been confirmed.

The character design for Browmwell admissions officer Lisa Goldwin from Is It College Yet? was based on Bernstein.

Bernstein died in New York City February 8, 2022.[2]

Lisa Goldwin from Is It College Yet?

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