Anne Morgendorffer-Lane

"Ma, Beatrice puked in the siiiiink..."

Anne "Annie" Morgendorffer-Lane

Daughter of Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane (or their parallel universe analogs) in several works by Ranchoth.

Annie first appeared (as Annie Lane) in A Desperately Needed Happy Ending to "Darius," an unofficial epilogue to The Angst Guy's Darius. She later appears—in visual form, albeit unnamed—in an April Fools video in 2006, and in a flashback in Inauguration.

Annie is the younger of two sisters. Known to be a fan of TV science documentaries, and the cartoon series Happy Tree Friends. She has red hair, cut in a "Pageboy."

Behind the Scenes Edit

The two Daria-Jane kids were originally created as part of a backstory for a semi-defunct fanfic project, and were subsequently reused by the author in other, unrelated works—for the sake of convenience, and as an in-joke. Annie's name was, originally "Gally" (short for "Galatea." Which, in the context of the original story, was not especially unusual). She was renamed after one of Daria's fanon middle names, "Anne."