Apartment for Rent

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The 44th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during late May 2001.


Michael temporarily moves into Daria's apartment while he searches for one of his own after the dorms close for the summer. The first place he and Daria visit is a four-room apartment with three residents who turn out to be mainly interested in parties, and a fourth resident with steady income. While visiting the next place, too vermin infested to even consider, Michael is stung by a wasp. Even using his epinephrine injector, he still needs an emergency-room visit. Michael and Daria contemplate how much they want to be together, as well as how unprepared they feel to make that step as they go from one apartment to the next for one even remotely suitable for Michael to rent.

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"Apartment for Rent"
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