Aunt Eleanor

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Aunt Eleanor is the great-aunt of Daria and Quinn and Helen, Rita, and Amy's aunt on their mother's side. She originated in C.E. Forman's The Lost Seasons series, making her only appearance in "Alienation Legacy."


Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Like Amy and Daria, Eleanor was sarcastic and misanthropic, constantly embarrassing her "half" sister, Grandma Barksdale. She is part of a sarcastic family tradition that goes back "six generations," as Amy proudly tells Daria in "Quinntet." She grew especially close to Amy and the two often traded wisecracks and played practical jokes on the rest of the family. Eleanor died before Amy could introduce her to Daria, although the entire family would attend her funeral and creamation. During the funeral, Amy plays the Star Wars theme in her honor. Later, during the will reading, it is announced that Eleanor has left Amy her entire estate. Eleanor's final request to Amy is that she dump the ashes from her creamation all over the seats of Grandma Barksdale's car.


Aunt Eleanor was utilized in several early fanfics, including Kara Wild's "None in the Family", Matt's Cynic Wars, and Admonisher's "Daria's Christmas Carol".


  • Although Eleanor's last name is not given, many fan authors took to calling her Eleanor Barksdale. That would be incorrect if she were Grandma Barksdale's sister, unless Barksdale were their family name as well.
  • Kara Wild went along with the idea that Eleanor was Grandma Barksdale's sister in "None in the Family." However, given the way personality traits are doled out amongst the Barksdales in the Driven Wild Universe, she now thinks of Eleanor as Grandpa Barksdale's sister.