Aw, Nuts

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A short comedy ficlet by Angelinhel.

Plot Summary[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

A mock-military style planning scene opens the story. Though the participants are not named, by the title and story's conclusion, it is assumed they are Jake's nemesis- the squirrels.

Helen asks her husband Jake to call the exterminators, as she believes mice are living in their attic. Jake insists it's a group of militant squirrels who are conspiring to annoy him and wreck his brand-new car.

Dismissing her husband's rantings, Helen merely sighs. On his way out the door, Jake sees hundreds of small rocks and pebbles fall onto his car and immediately blames the squirrels who has been at war with since they bought the house. As Jake shouts to his wife they were going to move, the squirrels chitter excitedly, thinking they have won the war and will be able to take over the Morgendorffer home.


Angelinhel wrote this fluffy bit of nonsense to amuse fellow Angst Lord, The Angst Guy, who is always amused by squirrel stories.

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