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BDLE is a round robin that involved Psychotol, Thea Zara, Roentgen, Digisim, Scissors MacGillicutty and Dervish.

The fic was a response to a challenge to have Quinn using corporal punishment to teach the former Fashion Club some lessons, because that's the only way they'll actually learn them. Quinn initially tries teaching them without the use of corporal punishment, but it goes nowhere.

Quinn asks Daria for advice, reads up on some things, and decides to lock them in foot stocks with their feet bared so that she could spank them with a riding crop.

This turns out to be a turn on for Sandi who happens to be a masochist, who cums during a lesson. Quinn then has to come up with a new means of punishing her students, she decides to use electric chastity bras.

Tiffany and Stacy also start a relationship, only Stacy fails to stop when Tiffany tells her to and they fall out, causing Stacy to go on a bender ... and wake up locked in a box in a brothel where Kerry Thompson wants to teach her one of the oldest trades known to humanity.

As Daria, Jane, and the remaining Fashion Club begin their search (the cops turning out to be severely useless at this), Stacy is beaten into coming onto Kerry and an assistant and rewarded with heroin.

Eventually Daria leads Jane and the remaining Fashion Club members into storming the brothel using weapons stolen off of Kerry's sentries and Daria ends up in a knife fight with Kerry.

Stacy is now safely rescued, but Daria, Jane, Sandi, Quinn, and Tiffany are arrested for murder because Daria had no legal justification to initiate the attack. Daria and Jane are remanded while Sandi, Quinn and Tiffany are bailed.

Problems arise when Linda Griffin gets Stacy and Tiffany's parents to, along with herself, send their daughters to some reprogramming centre run by a Dr. Lucy Minzer. Dr Minzer is a cowboy who will cheat if her techniques don't show any actual brainwashing.

They quickly realize this, and Stacy uses hypnosis techniques learned from Upchuck (as his magical assistant) to escape. She uses Quinn for a getaway driver and Quinn is remanded into custody, even after Stacy's parents withdraw Stacy from confinement.

Tiffany feigns compliance as her dictation is slow enough that she can get away with that.

Sandi doesn't get out until Stacy and Tiffany team up to hypnotize Linda into first removing Sandi, and then robbing a store to get herself arrested. This doesn't work, so Stacy and Tiffany have no choice but to get Minzer done for conspiring to pervert the course of justice. This accidentally weakens Tiffany's case.

Sandi is no longer in danger because her brainwashing has effectively deleted her personality.

Stacy and Tiffany spend an evening at a cinema, where a gang tries to kill Tiffany, but cops intervene and use the fact Tiffany was that close to members of a gang as cause to revoke her bail.

The next problem results from Kerry's arrival in prison, she is sent to solitary without restraints, and Daria is placed in the cell with her with restraints.

Daria is hospitalized, giving Kerry free reign to abuse the others until Daria is returned. She is stoned on Thorazine, but Quinn's cellmate happens to have a stash of stimulants.

Daria kills Kerry.

They eventually have their trials, Daria is the only one found guilty, but having learned from Stacy how to hypnotize people, that's not a problem. She breaks out and starts killing pimps in city-wide massacres.