Barry Bukowski

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Barry Bukowski is a student at Lawndale High in Kara Wild's Driven Wild Universe. He made his first appearance in "'Shipped Out."


Barry is what could be considered one of Lawndale High's "uber-nerds," given his prominent place on the mathletics squad, his knowledge of Star Trek, and his love of taxidermy. He is at first introduced as a suitor for Daria in "'Shipped Out," but both Daria and Jane are quickly put off by his hobbies and love of L Ron Hubbard. Daria alludes to him to try and make Trent jealous, but otherwise gives him the brush off. This fuels a bitter rage in Barry, so strong that he is willing to help Sandi hack Jane's computer file because she is a friend of Daria ("Outvoted").

Later, Barry develops an intense crush on Quinn, devoting himself to her every need in "Charge of the Math Brigade." Only after he swears he dislikes Daria does she seem mildly appreciative. Barry's devotion to Quinn extends to the final Driven Wild Universe episodes, and it appears as though Quinn has a glimmer of friendly affection for him.


"Pooor Quinn. So beautiful, so distressed. I'd take on the entire Borg Collective if it would make her feel better."

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