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Bed and Breakfast Man is a post-canon series by Ruthless Bunny.

Bed and Breakfast Man started off as a series of short stories based upon Daria's experiences at Raft College. The premise of the story is that Trent is forced to move into Daria's dorm room under a flimsy excuse. Wackiness and romance ensues. The story is loosely based upon the author's experience with a friend from high school who was homeless and moved between her friends and family in various dorms at Arizona State University and University of Arizona. The story's title, "Bed and Breakfast Man" comes from a song by the group Madness detailing the exploits of a loafer who sponged off of his friends as though they were a "Bed and Breakfast".

Primarily a comedy-romance, Bed and Breakfast Man explores the relationships of various Daria characters and charts their growth through their college years and beyond.

The author updates the story as new ideas occur. It's been dormant for at least a year, but there are always ideas, just not enough time to write them.

Winner of "Favorite Ongoing Story" in the 2nd Daria Fanworks Awards

Original Characters[edit]

Quinn's Siamese cat who is sponsored by Quinn's sorority (Delta, Delta, Delta) and the Black Student Union as a candidate for president of student government.

President of the Black Student Union and friend of Daria's.

Star of the Ice Hockey team, tutored by Daria. Has a crush on Daria, while Quinn has a crush on him.

Assistant coach of the Ice Hockey team, romantic interest for Jane while she studies at BFAC.

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