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Betrayal is a song by Trent Lane. He comes up with it when he's driving Daria to Ashfield in Is it Fall Yet?. Daria is miffed by the lyrics, but still helps Trent with one word ("pack").

It is not known if the song was ever finished. As it stands, the song is only a series of lines all with the same rhythm and melody, but it wouldn't be the only Mystik Spiral song that didn't have proper verses and choruses.


Betrayal, yeah, a stab in the back. Betrayal, yeah, I'm stretched on the rack. Betrayal, yeah, thrown out of the pack. Betrayal... betrayal, yeah. Betrayal... betrayal... betrayal, yeah...

Betrayal, yeah, you ruined my life. Betrayal, yeah, you're twisting the knife...