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Appearing in Legion of Lawndale Heroes 11.4, Betty is a man of English background who works for the Quest Corporation as some form of pyrokinetics or demolitions expert. He apparently also has some previous experience in Her Majesty's Government as a member of the Black Guard, a British metahuman deployment force disguised as a unit within the Special Air Service.

Betty was sent to Grace Island at the request of Kyle Armalin, who asked that he watch over the Legionnaires in case of trouble, and to intercede if anything major went wrong. It is also mentioned that Betty is scheduled to give some of the Legionnaires demolitions training in the near future.


Betty has the metahuman ability to teleport effortlessly and with unerring accuracy to any point on the planet. (Classified tests indicate that his ability to teleport is actually far greater that imagined, as he had been able to effortlessly teleport to the International Space Station, the surface of the Moon, and onto several asteroids in deep space.) Furthermore, he is able to teleport with him the equal of fifty tons of material.

When Betty teleports, however, he opens up a small multidimensional 'pinhole' in order to power his ability - the further he jumps, the more power he drains through the 'pinhole'. The result of this is that there is an energy surge that results as the 'pinhole reseals itself; this 'surge' manifests itself as an explosive wave of plasma that releases itself from Betty's midsection/waist, and expands outwards in an expanding radius. As mentioned before, the further Betty teleports, the more powerful the explosive force, and he must release the force or his body will automatically do it for him.

Betty has learned how to 'project' the explosive surge ahead of him - into the area he will teleport into - or have it manifest in the area he has just left. This makes him ideal for first-strike operations, or for sanitizing compromised areas after friendly forces have been evacuated. He has also been given a special 'absorption suit' which has the ability to absorb the energy surge and allow him to project the explosive plasmas from the 'focusing sleeves' attached to his wrists. (These sleeves were inspired by similar sleeves used by the fictional character Radian, of Strikeforce; Morituri).