Big Strawberry

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This spot holds a curious place in this fandom because it is never mentioned in the TV series. It appears only on the map of Lawndale from The Daria Diaries as a strawberry-shaped monument (or billboard) perhaps two stories high. Daria writes that it is the only roadside tourist attraction in the suburb of Lawndale, adding, "Kiss the stalk for good luck." It is also mentioned on Lawndale High's web page: Timothy O'Neill is running the "Save the Strawberry" campaign and trying to get it registered as a landmarked building, with little success ("someone at the National Register of Historic Places finally returned one of his phone calls"). It stands by the highway somewhere between the Lawndale Mall (a.k.a. Cranberry Commons) and Lawndale High.

The Big Strawberry is sometimes called the Giant Strawberry in fanfic. An unusual number of fanfics featuring the Big Strawberry are crossovers or are at least fairly strange.

The Big Strawberry in Daria Fanfiction[edit]

Daria fanfics in which the Big Strawberry figures prominently during at least one scene are given below. Even more fanfics make minor references to this attraction (such as the time a young Jane Lane defaced it with a spray can). Descriptions of the Big Strawberry vary widely.

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