Bill Woods

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"Daria? Who's that?"

Professor Bill Woods is an English Lit teacher at Bromwell. He also used to be a student there and was in the lawn tennis team with Angier Sloane, and is a family friend of the Sloanes.

He's extremely friendly when he runs into the visiting Sloanes, willing to catch up and to exert some influence to help Tom get into the college -- "not that you'll need it!", he chortles. When Kay says they need to check other colleges at Boston, Bill jokes "there are other schools?". In contrast, he ignores Daria except for a brief "hello" when he's reminded she's sitting there and doesn't respond when Tom implicitly asks him to throw some influence her way.

Kay assumes that he'll put in a good word for Daria too, which the cynic doesn't believe (this scene was deleted from the DVD) and as far as we can tell, he never did.

He arranges for a breakfast date but turns out half an hour late, apologising that "I just couldn't get my publisher off the phone", and then goes on to spend ninety minutes taking up their time. This causes the knock-on effect that means Daria doesn't see much of Raft College.