Blue food bars

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As seen in Behind Enemy Lines, Blue food bars are a variant of the standard nutritional food bars supplied to the human slaves of the Slaver Mantoids aboard their vessels and space platforms.

Besides their standard nutritional value, 'blue food bars' are made with a number of special, non-addictive chemical additives designed to place the human that consumes it into a physical and mental state where he/she is extremely receptive to sexual congress, as well as places the human into an extremely fertile state for procreation purposes.

The bars contain:

  • an extremely high-level anti-inhibition formula.
  • a series of biochemical neural stimulator, designed to greatly increase tactile sensitivity levels throughout the human body. In addition, the stimulator-agents 'fool' the brain into believing that 'any' form of tactile stimulation is pleasurable during the time of effect. The agents have a thirty-minute duration, and were designed to increase the chance of sexual activity in humans as a result of even the slightest physical contact.
  • a drug that temporarily inhibits the production of fatigue-agents within the human body.
  • a formula that causes an ongoing 'boost' in the body's level of adrenaline. The drug stimulates adrenalin production in the body and continues to do so during physical (sexual) activity, but is shut down at the moment of orgasm. (A biochemical series of 'markers' informs the adrenal gland to stop production at the moment or orgasm, and the drug decreases the level of adrenalin through its own ability to actively destroy the hormone until a specific amount is detected within the body. This effect is keyed to act ONLY in the male body.) The formula remains inactive throughout the plateau level; when sexual/physical activity begins again, adrenaline is once again produced by the body. This drug is specifically engineered to have a six-hour effect on the human body.
  • a formula that actively stimulates the release of ovum in the female body, and stimulates the male sex organs to a constant and extreme level of seminal fluids during the period of effect. This drug is designed to take effect within minutes of consumption, and the effect is also biochemically calculated to act for a six-hour period only.
  • An enzyme fashioned to act upon the parts of the brain that controls sexual arousal in humans. The drug is fashioned to totally block all mental cues that relate to impulse control and in effect, render the subject totally subject to physical impulses and stimuli. While moderately effective upon human males, it was designed to render human females receptive to sexual activity; even human females with metahuman abilities that normally would render them immune to drugs are susceptible to this enzyme.

The combination of drugs was designed to be non-addictive; nevertheless, in order to ensure that psychological addiction to the drugs cannot occur, the 'blue food bars' are provided sparingly to the slaves. They are primarily given out on three occasions; as a reward for particularly hard work among the slaves in a specific area, when the humans specifically need to be pacified, or (once every three months) to spur the birth rate within the slave population, for Mantoid culinary purposes. (Due to Mantoid breeding policies, they are able to 'harvest' a sizable 'crop' of human infants for consumption roughly once every three months.)

The 'blue food bars' are one of the Slaver Mantoids' most effective tools in their long-term plans for the disposition of the human species.