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Daria fanfic writer, active in the earlier years of the fandom. His stories were primarily scriptfics written in the manner of the show's episodes.

The unelected representative of "the rastafarian navy" departed the paperpusher's board and Outpost Daria due to an ongoing mental health condition and various real world responsibilities. Bob would like the fandom to know how happy he is to see the health and diversity of the fandom, as it has grown over the years and would point to a certain trademark "maximalist" style in his fic, which in hindsight would have benefitted from an editor at the time?

The genesis of the very strange Daria vs. Predator crossover fic can be traced directly to an attempt to outdo Peter Guerin for weirdest fic crossover at that point in time and fails completely at that goal, which the author freely admits.

Finally, Bob would like to dedicate this entry to the memory of Guy "Deceleraptor" Payne, a prolific early poster at Outpost Daria and friend of the author.

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