Bobby Stuart was the bellboy at Le Grand Hotel in "Fire!", who became fixated on Quinn and promised that he could get her anything as his uncle owned the hotel. This escalated to getting her the Presidential Suite, which the Morgendorffer's insurance wouldn't cover, claiming he'd fixed it with his uncle, and asking her out to dates at C'est La Veal.

His constant favours and attention caused a jealous Sandi to convince Quinn he was a stalker. Surprisingly, he really was: the police investigated and informed Quinn that Bobby Stuart had no uncle: he'd been billing the Morgendorffers for everything, then hacked into the hotel's computer to delete the charges. A horrified Quinn focused on the important thing: You mean... I... almost... went out with... a computer geek?!"

In "Love is a Way Too Many Splendored Thing", Quinn warned us: "Just goes to show, beware of geeks bearing gifts."

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