Boruszkowski Hall

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Boruszkowski Hall is one of the three residence halls for the one thousand students of the First Academy at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies (the other two being Cocking Hall and Williams Hall). It is an eleven-story building, with cadet housing on all but the first and seventh floors; however, there are no cafeterias on the first floors.

Built so that it is directly adjacent to the cafeteria, a 1000-seat theater was built as part of the first floor to allow for films and television broadcasts on a 400-inch plasma-screen television set designed and built by Academy cadets. (With the humor and foresight that young people have, the television even has connections to allow for video games and other devices to be connected; there is also a standard theatrical screen for film showings.) The theater area and cafeteria are also designated as one of a number of Level 4 secure emergency shelters on the USAES campus (along with Zero Area, Trueblood Cafeteria, the Wessel Annex, and Covell Hall), where cadets and others can seek shelter in the event of any emergency situation. (Level 4 shelters are built to allow persons to survive anything short of a direct hit from nuclear weapons for indefinite periods.) In addition to existing safeguards, the emergency shelters in Boruszkowski Hall were designed to be reinforced by Academy staff or cadets who have forcefield-generation abilities (should the need arise).

Boruszkowski Hall has been designated as the hall where Cadets Sixth through Fourth Years reside; because of this and the difficulty in pronouncing the hall's name (for some), it is also known by USAES cadets as 'The Cradle'. Male cadets are housed on floors 2 through 5, while female students are housed on floors 7 through 11.

Each of the three First Academy residence halls has four 'residence advisers' on staff; these are Elite Academy cadets (two male, two female, and usually Cadets Fourth or Second Year) who live in the building and act as in-house advisers and floor monitors, with the power to level disciplinary actions.