Bowman Day

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First celebrated in 1986, Bowman Day is an unofficial holiday for many in the American metahuman community that celebrates their being given official legal status, and recognized by the American Government. It is celebrated on July 8 (or the closest Saturday in July on the calendar following that date). It is one of three recognized metahuman-specific holidays observed by USAES cadets and faculty; this includes Ostrich Day (observed on the Thursday of the last full week before Halloween), and Heroes Day (observed in early November, and may become a Federal holiday).

Many metahumans gather in New York (particularly Harlem and Coney Island) and Los Angeles area for celebrations on Bowman Day, which is named for Senator James Bowman, who wrote the Bowman Acts. Many of the communities that celebrate Bowman Day have developed their own quirky traditions for celebrating the day.

There are special events held at USAES to celebrate Bowman Day, which includes a fireworks display over the Academy Lake, a huge picnic and a corn-on-the-cob eating event. (Entrants must use 'Flush' before taking part. The entrants compete to see who can go through the most corn-on-the-cob in fifteen minutes wins a prize, a sash and bragging rights... as well as the right to use any bathroom on campus, if necessary, for the next three days). It was inspired by the famous Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.