Brain Damage

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Brain Damage is Legion of Lawndale Heroes Chapter 11.3. It is the third chapter of LLH written by Brother Grimace

Plot Spoilers[edit]

While Daria is sharing with Jane the fact that she can now understand other languages with her mental powers, Tom comes by to talk with Daria. He asks Daria to forgive him for his see-through "shape vision" and Daria figures it's too much trouble to hold a grudge.

Elsewhere, Furmaan Singh is thinking about the course of events, and that Kyle Armalin has done a better job of keeping the Legion anonymous than John Dynell's plan of getting rid of the Legion. It is one of the last thoughts Singh has, as he is mentally attacked by an unknown source, his mind wiped clean.

At Legion Tower, Kyle Armalin announces that the Legion will be heading to Grace Island in Alaska as part of a survival exercise called "The Outlast".


Bealer, Harmon, Curtis and Wild are "Tuckerizations", named after prominent Daria fans.

Dramatis Personae[edit]

  • Furmann Singh, the (former) Executive Director of North America for The Elite.
  • Alimah Kaur, Furmaan Singh's wife.
  • Bealer, a member of Singh's security detail who has mental powers.
  • Harman, Curtis and Wild, other members of Singh's security detail.


"Brain Damage" at Outpost Daria Reborn.