Brandon League

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Brandon League has been a member of the Dariaverse since late 2001/early 2002. He hasn't written much lately, but back in the day he was a writing machine, authoring such fics as: Anything, Cool, Eight Legged Pink, and Extra Credit (a Daria/Crocodile Hunter crossover fic which was nominated for the 2006 Booties, but did not win). He also wrote a bunch of godawful crap that doesn't deserve a mention. He has many friends among the Daria faithful, including Thea Zara, Kara Wild, Deref, Angelboy, Quiverwing, HelpfulSkittlesExplosion, Gregor Samsa and Minkychanz.

League currently resides in a secret lair in the wilds of West Georgia. He has a mild crush on Quiverwing and suffers from "Chameleon Syndrome" (a fictional ailment invented by League in which one of mediocre popularity has a tendency to blend into his surroundings). He has however been recieving severe treatment for said ailment from Deref and Angelboy and is recovering nicely. League is semi-retired from writing, but he never says never. He will probably write again someday. He is however, the self-proclaimed "Hardest Working Beta Reader In Show Business" and has beta read for such highbrow authors as Thea Zara, Kara Wild and The Angst Guy.

League's all time favorite Daria fic is I Never Metamorphosis I Didn’t Like by The Angst Guy, which he also beta read. When it comes to Daria fanart, he's more than a little fond of the artworks of Kemical Reaxion, Christ Oliver and S.C. He considers each of them to be a genius in their own rights.

He is also known as brnleague99 (his nickname in PPMB, SFMB and SFMB2), and is sometimes called "brn," to his consternation.

Mr. League shares his birthday, February 12th, with sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Outside the Dariaverse, he is a big fan of professional wrestling (especially independent promotions) and heavy metal music. He expects to be sent to Hell any day now, having also amassed a comic book collection that would make the Angels (both heavenly and they of Anaheim) weep.