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For the author, see Brian Taylor (author).

You know how children of divorce often erroneously blame themselves for the breakup? In the case of Brittany's little brother, it's the rest of the family pointing the finger at him.

—"Oh, the Obscurity!", MTV Definative Daria website,

Brian Taylor
First appearance The Lab Brat
Last appearance Groped by an Angel
Voiced by ?
Episode count 3 episodes
IICY (non-speaking)
Gender Male
Age 10-12
Family Steve Taylor (father)
Vivian Taylor (mother)
Ashley-Amber Taylor (step-mother)
Brittany Taylor (sister)
Significant other(s)

Brian Taylor is the younger brother of Brittany Taylor in Daria. His mother, Vivian Taylor, left the family soon after his birth.

Appearances and Personality[edit]

Brian makes only three short appearances in the show, in episodes "The Lab Brat," "The Old and the Beautiful" and "Groped by an Angel," plus a non-speaking appearance in IICY?.

His appearances in the two last episodes suggest he is a brat, as he talks back at his father and is shown running around the house swearing and taunting his family by handling things not belonging to him (and in a way that could break them). "Lab Brat" also shows he enjoys torturing small animals.

This behaviour takes on a more sinister edge thanks to The Daria Database, which strongly implies that Brian has been systematically murdering every single pet cat the family has ever had and that they know he's doing it ("cats disappear with Brian around, so family no longer bothers coming up with original names"). We're told this sick bastard "loves electrical cords, duct tape and the whimper of a helpless animal on a hot afternoon".


  • Brian wears braces.

In Fanfiction[edit]

Brian is one of the characters most often described as "evil" by fans of the series. This perception is strongly reinforced in many of the fanfics about him, which often present him as a dangerous psychopath. Examples include:

A rare example of a sympathetic Brian is JoeMerl's "Cats, Cast and Card," which explores his own view of his family and gives him an unusually amiable relationship with Ashley-Amber.