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Bromwell is a college in Newtown (a fictional city in the Northeast) where Tom Sloane was accepted during the movie Is It College Yet? (the college's only appearance or mention in the Daria series). There is an attached building for former students, the Bromwell Alumni's Club.

Known staff are Lisa Goldwin (admin officer) and Professor Bill Woods (English Lit).

Daria had attempted to get into Bromwell but was unable to do so. Tom's family has had a long relationship with Bromwell, extending over several geneations, and some family members have donated large sums of money to the college to sponsor new buildings. According to Kay Sloane, Bromwell is about 3.5 hours from Raft College (in Boston) by car, which means Newtown is located somewhere in New England.

Real Life Counterpart[edit]

Bromwell is most likely modeled on Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, given the similarity in names between Newtown and New Haven. A throwaway line about "the pizza in Newtown" may also be a giveaway, as New Haven is famed for its pizza, at least among Yale students. It's possible, however, that another school is the model, as 3.5 hours is a very conservative estimate for driving time between New Haven and Boston. The distance from Raft, in Boston, makes Harvard (in nearby Cambridge) an unlikely model.

Tom's attendance of that school continues a family tradition, in what was clearly meant to be a parody of the "family legacies" so often present at Ivy League schools.

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