Bump in the Night

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The 32nd story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during late October, 2000.

Daria as Halloween by RLobinske.
Bump by RLobinske


BFAC is holding a Halloween Party fundraiser for a student trip to the Met in New York. Jane asks Daria and Karen to come. Daria and Jane bet on Michael's response: if he agrees quickly, Jane picks Daria's costume, if he hesitates, Daria picks Jane's. When Daria calls, Michael quickly agrees to get away from his new roommate’s poker game. Jane pick’s the Spirit of Halloween from Daria’s short story, Depth Takes a Holiday and recruits for Daria’s costume. Daria in turn finds a Cupid costume for Michael to wear and sends him a copy of the story so he understands. Karen and Derek go as zombies. At the party, something moving in the overhead light grid knocks the lights out.

First appearance of Bump.

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