Camp Grizzly

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Summer camp revisited by Daria and Quinn in "Camp Fear." Other kids there include Amelia, Tracy, Cindy, Tatiana, and the gang of Billy, Bobby, and Benjy.

The only camp staff we actually meet is Mr. Potts. (A bizarre character named Skip has seemingly appointed himself the camp "boss," but is actually just another kid at the camp.)

Life at the camp is Hell for the children. Aside from bullies like Skip, the camp engages in bizarre and dangerous games that sometimes result in harm to the children (Daria for example), though Mr. Potts does appear to be portrayed as well-meaning.

The camp has five year reunions - and for some reason, ex-campers turn up to them despite not having liked camp much.

Camp Puma was a near by summer camp who had a rivalry with Camp Grizzly.

Grizzly (and Puma) are reasonably close to Lawndale, allowing Daria & Quinn to go there and back in the same day. This is a bit weird, since the girls were living in Highland - which is not close to Lawndale - when they attended the camp as preteens. Why did Jake and Helen go so far for a summer camp?

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