Career Day

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Career Day is an episode of Beavis and Butt-head which aired on December 16, 1994.


Mr. Van Driessen has organised a Career Day so all students can find out about future vocations, and a day off school will be given to all students to check their vocation of choice: Beavis and Butt-head are ecstatic. At the Career Day fair, they wander over to a booth on publishing (Daria has been talking to the booth man) and start to ask if the company publishes any porn. They're confused to hear he publishes educational books, asking who'd want to buy that.

  • Daria (reproaching): "Beavis, Butt-head, you're supposed to be exploring career opportunities."
  • Butt-head: "These jobs are stupid!"
  • Beavis: "Yeah, everyone, like, works in a booth!"
  • Daria (irrritated): "These people don't work in booths! They're here to answer questions and help you plan your future!"
  • B&B: [blank stares]
  • Daria: "Your life after graduation?"
  • B&B: [blank stares]
  • Daria: "Well, if you guys don't pick a career, Van Driessen won't let you skip a day of school next week."
  • Butt-head: "...uh, huh huh. Skip school?"
  • Beavis: "Cool!"

The lads quickly go to the Rent-a-Guard Security booth and tell the guard they need a career. They ask if guards get to use tasers and tear gas, and he explains he just sits around watching screens. When he describes this as "watching TV", the boys are stunned and eagerly request to be mall cops.

Once they're interning at the mall and are left on their own with the security screens, they start to get fed up: all the shows they have to look at suck and they can't change the channel to anything good! Annoyed, they leave to try and find some criminals they can bust, and attempt to get any woman they come across to "assume the position".

Eventually, the guard catches up with them, apologies to a harrassed woman... and then says she'll need to perform a "full cavity search!" for security reasons. She slaps him and storms off, and the guard joins the lads in going "huh huh huh huh huh!".


  • This episode has not been collected on DVD, and likely never will be.
  • Daria's interest in a publishing career synchs up nicely with her portrayal in Daria.
  • Daria initially tries to reason with the lads, something she would commonly do in B&B episodes but rarely bothered with in Daria, instead going for sarcasm immediately. She also seems vaguely interested in helping them not screw Career Day up for themselves.
  • Daria wears Outfit #3 - black jacket, red skirt, white shirt, black leggings, dark brown boots, small necklace.