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First seen in Legion of Lawndale Heroes 12.6, "Bop Til You Drop," Carolyn Alberta Field is a Cadet Second Class at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies. Carolyn is a African-Canadian (of dual Canadian/American citizenship) and was born in Toronto (making her one of the two foreign nationals in The Alliance - Fabian Nogura is the other).

Carolyn is 5'8", modestly attractive and in near-perfect physical condition. She has shoulder-length black hair, large brown eyes and bronze-hued skin.

In June 2012, Carolyn graduated as part of the USAES Class of 2012, receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, and her commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. (Even though she was born in Canada, she found that her deceased father was an American; she used this information, once confirmed, to claim joint American/Canadian citizenship and express her preference to become a USMC officer.)


Carolyn has the ability to generate and project massive amounts of electromagnetic energies, primarily as bolts of intense electric force able to melt most metals or disable most metahumans. She is totally invulnerable to the effects of electromagnetism even from other sources, and can actually increase her power from those sources, as well as attacks of those natures, or even the passive use of those powers. She also possesses the ability to absorb the electric charge of a device (such as a battery) or projected electromagnetic energies to increase or restore her powers, or to heal even life-threatening injuries to herself). Carolyn can track the use of any form of electrical or magnetic powers.

Carolyn can use her powers in a telekinetic-like fashion to pick up and manipulate objects, but usually doesn't use her powers in that manner. She can also use her powers to create an electromagnetic forcefield (equal in strength to Jane Lane's shields), and can use her powers to fly as well. Because of her years of training, Carolyn can fly at trans-sonic speeds (she limits herself to Mach 5+ speeds to maintain control) and can actually leave the Earth's atmosphere on her own power. She can control most electrical and computer systems with her powers, but her power is generally limited to turning them on and off, or having them perform simple tasks (for example, she could have an ATM give her all of the money inside, and have the video camera inside shut off and have the security system erase the entire tape/video file afterward).

Carolyn's signature ability is that she can generate bio-electrical 'whips' from behind her wrists that can slash through almost any solid material and many types of force-fields. (They can be best thought of as 'flexible lightsabres'.) These 'whips', when first generated, are roughly four feet in length, but instantly lengthen or retract to Carolyn's immediate command out to 135 feet away. Her control of, and aim with, her 'whips' is so incredibly precise that she can flick a raindrop off a car moving at over 100 MPH from a motorcycle she is driving alongside at the same speeds, sever the wires on a suicide bomber's explosive device from across a crowded room, or remove only one hair from a person's eyebrow.

The low-level electromagnetic field that is constantly generated in her body acts as a natural defensive field for Carolyn's brain and nervous system, giving her an innate resistance to any form of psionic intrusion or neural manipulation (and powers that act on those systems).


Carolyn has a major in Mechanical Engineering, and a minor in Military Science. She speaks flawless French, in the Metropolitan accent, and has a passion for fast cars/motorcycles (the faster, the better) and American-rules football. (Her favorite team is the Chicago Bears, and she cordially detests the Green Bay Packers.) As the scout sniper for her cadre, Carolyn is easily the best shooter in The Alliance (she spent the summer of her second year in the Elite Academy in the Marine Corps Sout Sniper School in Hawaii), and is also a member of the Phantom Eagles along with her best friend, Tainn Reynolds. She also possesses a very high ranking in the martial art of Jeet Kune Do, and has developed a style of using her electrical powers in concert with her fighting form to do even more damage to attackers.

Future/alternate universe self[edit]

It is revealed that, in 2017 of a possible future, Carolyn will become a member of the Eagle Guard, the United States' foremost metahuman strike force, under the code-name she uses in The Alliance: Shocklash. She will serve as Deputy Leader of the team, and will hold the rank of Captain in the United States Marine Corps. As a result of her actions in the 2017 terrorist attack on the Rock Island Arsenal, she will receive the Silver Star and be promoted to Major. She will also marry Shawn Harrison, a star running back for the San Diego Chargers, and take on the name of Carolyn Field-Harrison.