Carter County

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A county referred to in The Daria Database and various website material.

It first turns up in a reprinted Mystik Spiral Fan Club newsletter and map, advertising the band's tour of Carter County. Lawndale was eight hours away from the nearest part of Carter, and 22 hours from the furthest (despite not being that big a county). The map shows a large rubbish dump, various murder sites, crime scenes, the State Prison for the Criminally Insane, and "guy with hook for hand"; there are many strip joints (Jug-ya-Lug Lounge and Big Butts among them) and extremely dubious bars in Carter, including one with no roof and the ex-con bar 15 To Life. It's a dive, basically.

In the MTV website material, Carter County is the name of Lawndale's home county and the home of other suburban towns:Oakwood, Eagleton, Oakpine, Briarwood, Lawrenceville, Mo Udall, and Lakeland. It gets a mention on Lawndale High's website and Todd K. Feichmann created a Fantasy Football website for Carter County high school teams (actually a sinister revenge plot against jocks).

Since Lawndale isn't portrayed as part of a crime-ridden hell of a county, Carter County may not have originally been planned as Lawndale's home. In the show, Lawndale's county would be given as Lawndale County rather than Carter. See relevant comments under Off-Canon Canon.