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A listing of Daria characters created by authors for their works.

Original characters who appear in Daria fanfiction are given here in alphabetical order. If a character is not listed here, please double check by searching for the character's full name in the search box to your left. If a page does not already exist for that name, there will be a link to create the page. Once done writing, simply add [[Category:Fanfiction Characters]] to the bottom of the page for it to show up in this list. You may also add a new page by linking to that page while editing an existing page. That format would be: [[Jane Lane]], if (for example) you were creating a "Jane Lane" page link on Daria Morgendorffer's profile.

If a character could not obviously exist in a reasonably canon past-present-or-future Dariaverse (e.g., Lord Kevin Thompson, Emperor of Earth), or if it clearly belongs to an established alternate universe (e.g., Daria Von Doom), it should be placed on the Alternate Universe Characters webpage.


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