Chapter Number One

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Written by Hank Stewart at some time in the future (at least twenty years from the present), Chapter Number One is a book that details the early history, lives and activities of the members of the Legion of Lawndale Heroes (or just 'The Legion', as they are generally known), as well as his interactions with the Legion during that period. The title derives from the fact that the Lawndale Chapter of the Legion is the flagship chapter and the first created.

Chapter Number One was the first book written about the Legion that was done with the full cooperation of the organization and the Legionnaires themselves; Stewart had unrestricted access to the Legionnaires and to members of their family and friends throughout the writing and editing process of the book, and cleared everything with the particulars before seeing print. Because of the intimate contact that the author had in writing this book, Chapter Number One is considered the most comprehensive and factually accurate book written to date about the Legion. (In comparison, K.M. Sherrie's book Inside the Tower is considered a better psychological evaluation into the personalities of the Legionnaires and the way they developed among the the first wave of Earth's superheroes, and The Collected Diaries of Anastasia Rowe, Legionnaire possesses a more exhaustive grasp of pre-Legion history, as well as a more intimate scope of the private lives of the Legionnaires.)