Character Sizes

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There is no real reference for the sizes of the show's canon characters besides Daria Morgendorffer being 5'2" tall, as stated in the episode "Lane Miserables." All information below has been gathered on an educated-guess basis.


  • The positioning and perspective makes it hard to compare the character size even in stills.
  • The teenage characters of the show were/are subject to growth, hence their relative and absolute sizes should have changed during the course of time/the show's runtime.
  • Female characters wearing heeled shoes make it very hard to guesstimate their sizes.


Ht(m) Ht(ft) Character
1.850 6'1 Vincent Lane, Anthony DeMartino
1.825 6'0 Jake Morgendorffer, Mack Mackenzie
1.800 5'11 Trent Lane, Wind Lane, Max Tyler
1.775 5'10 Nicholas Campbell, Angier Sloane, Monique
1.750 5'9 Amy Barksdale, Kevin Thompson, Ms. Morris, Kay Sloane, Ted DeWitt-Clinton
1.725 5'8 Jeffy, Timothy O'Neill, Amanda Lane, Summer Lane, Rita Barksdale, Margaret Manson
1.700 5'7 Jesse Moreno, Helen Morgendorffer, Claire Defoe, Jamie White, Joey
1.675 5'6 Angela Li, Janet Barch, Elsie Sloane, Tom Sloane, Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III, Penny Lane
1.650 5'5 Lindy, Jane Lane, Diane Bennett, Andrea, Sandi Griffin, Jodie Landon
1.625 5'4 Stacy Rowe, Brittany Taylor
1.600 5'3 Quinn Morgendorffer
1.575 5'2 Tiffany Blum-Deckler, Daria Morgendorffer
1.550 5'1 Scarlett
1.525 5'0 Ruth Morgendorffer