Charge of the Math Brigade

Charge of the Math Brigade was written by Kara Wild in July 2000 and is the sixteenth installment of the Driven Wild Universe. Like most other installments, it is written in quasi-script form with three Acts and commercials.

Summary edit

For extra credit, Mr. Phelps "volunteers" Quinn to be first chair in Lawndale High's mathletics squad. Quinn is outraged and wants to quit, until her competitive spirit is ignited and she discovers the thrill of calculating under pressure. Meanwhile, Daria becomes slowly suspicious that Phelps's motives aren't entirely pure.

Trivia edit

This fanfic introduces the characters Clarence and Squiggley.

The title comes from Charge of the Light Brigade, a famous poem and action movie concerning the "noble six hundred," soldiers who went into battle against impossible odds, and were predictably slaughtered.

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