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Charlie is the congenial guardian angel of Beavis and Butt-head. He says they're his "greatest disappointment" (implying he's guarded others before them), because every miracle and sign he's ever sent them - even appearing on their TV talking to them directly - has been ignored, and they go on being destructive idiots.

In "It's a Miserable Life", he's commanded by God to kill the two for the greater good of Highland. Charlie summons powerful winter winds to blow them off a bridge, but it only annoys them into leaving for safety. With that blown, he tries to convince Butt-head to kill himself by showing him an alternate universe where, because he was never born, everyone else has lived a better life, including Daria, who was never soured on boys. This also failed and in trying to get the duo to commit suicide, Charlie slipped off the bridge and fell into the raging river himself.


  • Obviously, a parody of It's a Wonderful Life.

Charlie in fanfiction[edit]

He appears in a chapter of "Coming of Age" by Deep Metal, where he takes Beavis to another utopian AU in the hope it will straighten him out.