Charlotte Spearsman

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Frist seen in Behind Enemy Lines, Charlotte Spearsman is an eighteen-year-old woman of British heritage who was kidnapped by the minions of the Slaver Mantoids and brought aboard The Habitat. Marked as a worker and not fit for consumption by the Gnomes (the unwilling servant race that maintains the high-tech equipment and space-faring abilities of the Mantoids), Charlotte was placed into one of the mass storage areas where slaves were housed upon one of the giant starships permanently moored to The Habitat.

Because of her youth and beauty (5'0, with a petite build, wheat-colored hair, wide brown eyes and a delicate, cultured demeanor), many of the male slaves had immediately targeted her, but she was immediately befriended by Anita Isakson, who was under the protection of Franklin Davers and was protected by them. That night, however (as a means of ensuring that the humans would actively copulate and breed young for consumption purposes; see Slaver Mantoid entry), all of the food dispensers in the slave areas dispersed Blue food bars in addition to the normal 'food bars'. As a result, all slaves in the holding areas were engaged in continual sexual acts over the next several hours; Charlotte ended up losing her virginity to Franklin, as well as engaging in drug-induced sexual activities with several others in the area directly around Franklin and Anita.

Over the one-year period that Charlotte was enslaved upon The Habitat, many humans (and several deviant Mantoids) attempted to try for sexual relations with her (in the case of the Mantoids, they were going to psionically control male slaves who were copulating with her, so that they could experience the sensations as well). This was prevented by Franklin (as well as Anita and Heather Tremont, after Franklin sired them into Beta Nightbreed status), who used their powers to covertly maim or outright kill anyone who attempted to rape or kill her. However, on at least three occasions, Franklin and Charlotte were drugged and forced to copulate before large groups of The Watched, who had noticed Franklin's unusual endurance in bed, as well as Charlotte's extraordinarily strong sexual drives, and were using the two as a live-action pornographic show for their own amusement. After the third time they were forced into drugged sex, a horrified Charlotte discovered that she was pregnant with Franklin's child; it was at that point that Franklin and the others enacted their escape (with the help of Daria and Quinn Morgendorffer and Jane Lane who they also rescued, along with a number of individuals that the sisters had brought along.

They escaped by destroying one of the primary armories aboard The Habitat while Anita, using her knowledge of the Mantoid's written language, temporarily altered the station's gravity to twice that of Earth-normal, killing a significant number of Mantoids and allowing them to steal a transport craft. After fleeing in the craft, Franklin made contact with a United States space shuttle and transferred the prisoners there; he then used a barbell weapon, set to overload, to destroy the transport craft and fool the Mantoids into thinking that they were all killed in the escape.

Upon arrival on Earth, Charlotte was debriefed at length by DELPHI and U.S. government officials on all aspects of her experience; she even brought back samples of the 'blue food bars' and a piece of a Mantoid's carapace (which she took from a Mantoid in the landing area, which was crushed by high gravity). She also revealed that she had killed Calvin, a high-ranked member of The Watched and the man who had initiated the incidents between her and Franklin.

Charlotte consoled Franklin after he learned of the death of his wife Aki Ward; the loss was doubly painful because of the romantic feelings that the two had developed during their time in captivity. A month after arriving back on Earth, Franklin and Charlotte were married, and six months later, Charlotte gave birth to their daughter, Harmony Davers. Charlotte now lives with her daughter and husband on the Davers estate in northern Vermont, near the U.S./Canadian border.