Cheese Is the Word

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A parody of the movie Grease written by Kemical Reaxion. This story is written in script form and contains five acts.


Daria and the gang are Seniors...and are wreaking havoc on the town of Lawndale. Parody on the movie Grease. Not your average musical!

Cast of Characters[edit]

The table below shows which character from the movie Grease is being portrayed by each of the characters in this fanfic. Some are more of a stretch than others.

Grease Character Daria Character
Sandy Daria
Rizzo Jane
Danny Trent
Kenickie Jesse Moreno
Marty Andrea
Jan Jodie Landon
Frenchie Brittany Taylor
Cha-Cha Quinn Morgendorffer
T-Birds Kevin Thompson & Mack Mackenzie
Eugene Ted DeWitt-Clinton
Waitress Helen
Principal Magee Angela Li
Scorpions Sandi, Tiffany, & Stacy
Vince Fontaine Jake
Patty Simcox Upchuck
Guardian Angel John Travolta
Johnny Casino Monique
The Gamblers Max Tyler, Nicholas Campbell, & Tom Sloane
Various Students Joey, Jeffy, & Jamie (the Three Js)
Various Teachers Margaret Manson, Janet Barch, Claire Defoe, Diane Bennett, Ms. Morris, Anthony DeMartino, and Timothy O'Neill

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