Cherry Lane

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Cherry Lane

Name: Cherish Harmony Lane

Nicknames: Cherry, Her Wickedness

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 pounds

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Birthday: January 13th, 2005

Hobbies: music, violent video games


Cherry is taller than most of her peers and has a slim, lanky build. She wears her hair in a spiky punk do, and almost always wears black mascara and lipstick. She has several facial piercings - right eye brow (2 hoops), nose (stud, left side), both ears (4-6 per ear, varies from day to day), and a tongue bar. If she has any other piercings, or tattoos, they have not been revealed at this time.

Her typical attire is a fire engine red mini-dress over black leggings. She usually wears a pair of old, dilapidated combat boots that have been extensively repaired with duct tape. When performing on stage she wears all sorts of outrageous costumes, generally of a provocative nature.

The Past[edit]

Cherry has lived in Lawndale, or 'Yawndale' as she calls it, for as long as she can remember. She resides with her uncle, Trent Lane, who was named her legal guardian after her parents divorced. She has not named her parents, but general consensus is that her father is Wind Lane.

The Present[edit]

Cherry attends Lawndale High School with her cousins, Heather and Damsel Morgendorffer. She is dating Steven MacKenzie, one of the most popular boys in school, which has earned her some enmity from the girls who believe that Steve is dating 'beneath himself.' The relationship has recently come under slight strain due to her desire for greater physical intimacy than Steven feels comfortable with.

Cherry refers to herself as 'the Wicked Witch of the West' and has recruited a small following of boys who go by the collective name The Flying Monkeys. The Monkeys also make up the rest of the band Tarotnado, of which she is the lead singer. In addition to singing, Cherry is a passable guitarist and is skilled with the recorder.

In direct contradiction to her status as a Lane, Cherry is almost obsessively concerned about family ties. On more than one occasion she has gone out of her way to provide emotional support to her cousins, and is very loyal to her uncle. She seems slightly aloof towards Jane, however, and seems to find Daria creepy and off-putting. She does occasionally see herself as the 'poor cousin' and at one time worried that the Morgendorffers would think she was leeching from them.


Cherry found her sad and battered boots in a closet in one of the spare rooms of the Lane house and fixed them up with a roll of duct tape. Unbeknownst to her, they were originally Jane's.