Chez Pierre

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Chez Pierre is a high-priced French restaurant in Lawndale that is a favorite of Quinn Morgendorffer and others of the Fashion Club. Described on the map in The Daria Diaries as: "Real cloth napkins; fake French accents. Waiters snicker when someone uses the wrong fork." A menu with Quinn's notes to Stacy Rowe was presented in The Daria Database, and everything was over $22 (in 1998 currency too).

While Quinn constantly talks about going on dates there, we've only seen the exterior was only shown on the above map and the interior in "Pinch Sitter" and again in "The Daria Database" (as part of the menu). It looks quite fancy, and has a painting of Louis XVI and a model of Marie Antoinette's head.

It is clear from Quinn's commentary that she really is not as sophisticated as she thinks and has a minimal, if any, understanding of French.


A real Chez Pierre exists in Tallahassee, Florida. Possibly part of a hypothetical Florida Connection.