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Chris Smith is one of the last remaining figures of the original Daria fan base. Or at least, he was.

Biographical Information[edit]

Upon watching a Daria marathon in August 1997, Chris became a fan of the TV series and started exploring the Daria fan community by reading fan fiction from, Planet Daria, and Sick, Sad World.

In 1998, after Michael Pfeffer showed it to him, Chris migrated everyone from #Daria on EFnet's IRC network to the more-secure DALnet IRC network. As #Daria was already taken, Chris added a plus at the end and created #Daria+. Chris passed founder control to Jason Schiener later in the Fall.

He left the Paperpusher's Message board after interpreting other members' requests to back up his claims supporting GamerGate as personal attacks against him.


In October 1997, he would write "More Than Anyone Can Take", an unofficial sequel to "Maine Escape" by Michael Pfeffer. Using Pfeffer's Mary Sue characters and a original character from one of Katherine Goodman's fanfics, Chris introduced a mysterious character called Kain. Eventually, the character, along with a host of Chris's characters, would be used in eleven additional fics. Two more were in the works along with a real ending, but Chris fell into writer's block in late 1998. Chris attempted to write again, but after seven unfinished fanfiction attempts, it was apparent that he never truly recovered.

Chris contributed to the "Scenes That Should Not Be" fanfic threads on Paperpusher's Message Board.

Kain from the 1997 fanfic "More Than Anyone Can Take"

Finished Fanfiction

  1. More Than Anyone Can Take
  2. The Death of a Dangerous Trend
  3. This Crap Called Fate
  4. The Virtual Massacre
  5. Ruckus in the Ring
  6. The Road Worrier: Take 2
  7. Standoff
  8. A Prelude to War
  9. Carnage in the Big Apple
  10. The End of an Era
  • Misery Chick: Wrestling With Fashion

Unfinished Works

  • Hell is Other People - A Daria/Stay Tuned crossover
  • The Crazy Funny Daria Show - A Daria-themed SNL/MadTV parody
  • N.F.L. (No F***ing Life) - Daria and Jane become assistant football coaches for the Lawndale Lions
  • Morons in Disguise - A Daria/Transformers crossover
  • Starship Lawndale - A Daria/Star Trek crossover
  • Metal Gear: Solid Cynic - A Daria/Metal Gear crossover
  • Grand Theft Auto: Lawndale - A Daria fic written in the mold of the Grand Theft Auto computer-game series.

Short Stories

  • Untitled-2 - Daria forgets that her life was merely a character on an MTV show, and slowly remembers who she and her friends/family really are.
  • Best Friends - Told from Daria's POV, Daria and Jane put on a gruesome hardcore wrestling match for the town.
  • Daria GTS (Grand Theft Sleigh) - A Christmas poem in the spirit of The Night Before Christmas.


In 1998, Chris began taking advantage of the Create-a-Wrestler (CAW) feature for the WWF/WWE video games, creating the Daria characters in a rather crude form of CGI. He would later form a fictional wrestling promotion centered around the wrestling matches between Daria cast members. As of 2007, Chris is preparing to launch a website with downloadable Torrents of wrestling matches between the Daria characters. So far, only one match has made it to downloadable distribution.

Games Used:

Other games Chris modified to contain Daria characters:

  • Kyodai Mahjongg - Tileset
  • Quake 2 - Modified Lady Death skin to resemble Daria
  • Tetrinet - Player Background
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2006 - Daria player

Games that Chris is developing Daria MODs for:

  • Jumpman: Under Construction - Daria player sprites
  • MUGEN - Daria TC
  • Super Mario Brothers - ROM Graphical hack
  • Zelda Classic - Daria player sprites


Chris Smith's version of the Daria logo

Chris was not much of an artist, His best contributions were usually from editing the Daria cast pictures from the MTV website, then submitting them to He would later submit an alternate version of the Daria logo (Edited from a Daria logo sticker, promoting the series premiere).

In January 2007, Chris began work on Lawndale, a webcomic depicting events five years after Is It College Yet?, the Daria series finale. The comic launched on May 25.