Clark Cobb

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Clark Cobb is the manager of Cobb's Hardware in Highland, and head of the town's Christian Businessmen's Association. He's a parody of televangelists and voiced exactly like H. Ross Perot.

While Cobb is nominally pious and wholesome, he shows more interest in looking pious and wholesome for the sake of business: in a Halloween story, he's running a haunted house to benefit the Association's "juvenile delinquent re-education center" and berates the kids because they're not performing well enough for the local news media.

He is seldom seen without his lame sock puppet called "Socko" which he will use to 'help' teach his televangelist lessons. Horrifyingly, both Stewart Stevenson and Dean Zunker like Socko. Butt-head, however, wisely noted in "Walkathon" that "Socko has a hand up his butt."

Cobb has been involved in a number of community initiatives, many of them involving Highland High students; it appears there's an official relationship between the school and the CBA. Of course, that means his initiatives keeping running afoul of Beavis and Butt-head. His haunted house had no involvement with the school but still turned into a juvenile riot when they turned up.

Daria Morgendorffer was involved in three of Cobb's schemes:

  • "Walkathon", where he was holding a CBA-sponsored charity walkathon. He claimed Jesus Himself had invented the walkathon when He walked across water. Daria conned Beavis and Butt-head into pledging two hundred dollars and since they turned up without a single dime, Cobb forced them to spend a very long time walking off their debt.
  • "The Great Bungholio" had Mr. Van Driessen's class assisting in an Association easter egg hunt for the orphanage. When Beavis and Butt-head caused it to go horribly wrong, Cobb berated Van Driessen as having caused this with his "SECULAR HUMANISM!". Daria was able to temporarily neutralise Beavis, however. Cobb still took his revenge, forcing the dimwits to glue back together all the eggs they'd broken.
  • "Time Cap" had the Association burying a time capsule so the Association of 2496 could see "how wholesome" the 1990s Association had been. Daria, along with the rest of the class, contributed items for the capsule - though hers had been a joke.

Daria didn't seem to think much of Cobb and his works: in "Time Cap", she mouths off about the project, and in "Walkathon" she's giving the man and Sock a very sarcastic clap. She went out of her way to mess up part of the walkathon with her trick (Cobb didn't seem to realise this).


  • Cobb and Socko's first appearence was in the Daria-less first episode of the fourth season, "Wall of Youth". Since this was one of dozens of episodes left out of the Mike Judge Collection DVDs, "Walkathon" is the first appearance he makes there.
  • When Cobb returned in 2011, he no longer had Socko.
  • Despite his constant clashes with Beavis and Butt-head, Cobb never seems to recognise them.