Compton Engineering Building

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Completed in the early 1960s (at the same time of the first major renovation to the Jorgensen Research Building), the Compton Engineering Building is the home of the Advanced Cybernetics, Mechanics and Electronics Program (ACME) on the campus of the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies at Evansville, Indiana. It was built in anticipation of the first (and to date, only) major restructuring of the metahuman programs at USAES, so that the ACME Program would have their own permanent facility dedicated to their own unique program needs. (Previously, the ACME cadets were part of the now-defunct USAES Special Communications Systems Program and were housed in the JRC alongside their 'cousins' in the USAES Mental Enhancement Program. This has lead to a high level of bonding between the programs that continues to this day, and a traditional rivalry with the cadets of the USAES Mystic Enhancement Program.)

Standing six stories high, the Compton Engineering Building has the dubious honor of being the furthest building from the USAES Old Campus. This is actually by design, as the well-known tendencies of magical energies to interfere with electrical transmission (and technologies that use electromagnetic energies) would cause issues with the various studies taking place there. In addition, there are various technologies (such as metallurgical studies with materials such as the various form of Salazarium) that take place within the CEB that could effect the various artifacts, permanent mystical wardings and the powers of cadets in the Mystical Enhancement Program.

Despite the protestations of other programs and their facilities, the Compton Engineering Building is the single most damage-resistant building on the entire USAES campus. The building is built to withstand a direct multi-megaton nuclear strike, an orbital energy/concuassion blast or solar flare, nuclear-force railgun strikes, gravity inversions, submergence and pressure extremes equal to being located seven miles below an ocean surface, 10.0-plus seismic events, and sudden displacement into outer-space or other environments with toxic, not-breathable or zero atmosphere. (This annoys their former brethren in the Mental Enhancement Program, as they like to boast that the JRC is the most damage-resistant building on the USAES campus.)