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Contrarian's Corner

The Contrarian's Corner is a Daria fansite run by Kara Wild.


Begun as early as September 2000, the Contrarian's Corner was originally intended to be a specialty website. Wild had toyed with creating a fan site in the past, particularly a pro-Helen website, and found willing co-conspirators in Mike Quinn and the Paperpusher. However, the project never went beyond its early stages and was eventually abandoned. Instead, Wild chose to create a small, simple website that catered to eclectic fanfiction interests, such as the Helen-Centric Fanfic Collection, the Underexposed Characters collection (which included such characters as Sandi's cat, Fluffy), and Steven Galloway's Fanfic Author Spotlights. Beyond fanfiction, Wild planned to put more emphasis on essays, a form of expression that she felt lacked respect, and fiction writing workshops. The Contrarian's Corner was never a strictly Daria website; Wild created sections devoted to artwork and opinions that were independent of the show. She also created sections like "Why the Contrarian Chose Her Name" and "The Contrarian's Eight Commandments" (the latter of which Wild regarded as rules to follow, but was less than convinced that she or anyone else could follow them all the time). With regard to Daria fanworks, Wild intended to implement a system similar to Michelle Klein-Häss's, in which she asked permission to post only the works she liked best, rather than open up her website to anyone who submitted.

However, the vacuum created by Outpost Daria's less frequent updating led several fans to send Wild fanfics that she had never read. Rather than turn them away, Wild opened up her site to general contributions.

Wild announced in mid-June 2007 that the final update for the site would take place at the end of the month/beginning of July, and then the site would close to all outside fan contributions thereafter. That last update occurred on July 5, 2007 and is considered a part of the Great Daria Fandom Implosion of 2007, though the reasons for ceasing to update were unrelated to other events during the Implosion.

The domain on which The Contrarian's Corner operated continues to be home to DVDaria.

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