Corona, Corona

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Corona, Corona is a fanfic written by C.E. Forman in fall of 2000 under the pseudonym "E. Charlton Fuhrmann." It is the second "episode" of the Abruptly Amy series (including the pilot) and the first written by Forman.


When Amy's mother is hit by a car, Amy learns that the person behind the crime wants an old, forgotten keepsake from her.


  • Forman created Corona Coronada to give Amy a campy nemesis.
  • Corona, Corona also introduces the Forman-created characters Ryan and Charissa Fennell.
  • Daria, Quinn, Jake, and Jane make cameo appearances.
  • In his interview with E. A. Smith, C.E. Forman states: "[My] absolute favorite review I ever got was for an 'Abruptly Amy' script where someone told me they loved it, but couldn't stand to finish reading it." He was probably referring to CINCGREEN's review, in which he says: "I literally couldn't finish it. Not because it was bad. Well, actually, because it was bad in such a powerful, creative way. The men and women (woman?) behind AA are...well, geniuses when they write this stuff. Evil, evil, geniuses."
  • Forman further states in his interview that he had more fun writing for Abruptly Amy than any other fanfic.

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