Corporate Seizure

02 - Corporate Seizure edit

Picking up from Living Dead Girls, Tiffany reveals how her watcher died, sort of, and came back to bite her.

And a bunch of other stuff he and the gang of vampires that killed him she wishes she could forget, but never will, she decides to return to Lawndale and resume her Slayer duties of saving peoples asses from supernatural threats (even if some of those people don't appreciate her beign there), and Andrew Wells is deployed as her watcher.

Daria, meanwhile, has to cope with encountering Illyria, being mugged by Marcus Hamilton, an ill mannered PTSD and a lack of Jane, while Jane tries to work out hwo involved she should get when it comes to curbing her room mate's eating habits, and what to do about this pesky Vampire Slayer that keeps following her around.

After her first day back, Tiffany promptly gets abducted, and the Watcher's council's first suspect is Daria.

Meanwhile, at Wolfram and Hart LA, Winifred reeives an assignment from the senior partners, but isn't told what it's about until she arrives on site, where she is told to find a way to strip an already naked vampire slayer of her superpowers.

Oh, and the naked Vampire Slayer is Tiffany.

About the same time Daria, Faith and Andrew arrive in New York to investigate Wolfram and Hart NYs involvement in Tiffany's abduction, Winifred blows the bloody doors off for Tiffany, this results in her getting stuck in a Wolfram and Hart hell dimension.

Jane makes peace with the Watcher's Council and she and Daria work with Tiffany, Faith, Lorne, and Illyria (who was looking for something to do and doesn't really like Wolfram and Hart, so she's the enemy of the Watcher's Council's enemy) to extract Winifred, using the demon tasked to torture Winifred as Winifred's stand-in (something about having to trade someone else for the prisoner in order to leave).

Later, Daria's in london, a robotic stunt double Willow built is beign Daria in jail for stealing the police gear used in the rescue, and Illyria is assisting Angel Investigations as far as they let her (which isn't really that far really.)