Couples Therapy Night

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Couples Therapy Night was a weekly event in Lawndale for married couples. Helen, Jake, and the Guptys all went.

In "Pinch Sitter", the Morgendorffers are hosting and as it's "focus on teens night", Daria and Quinn scramble for excuses to not have to go. Jake mutters that he wishes he could get out and complains "Those couples, they're such a bunch of wimps. Always so freaking sensitive" - Daria later learns from the Gupty parents that they achieved a "breakthrough" that night and Jake cried.

Helen's website at MTV stated Couples Therapy Night was on Wednesday and revealed the Guptys had their own problems: "We are a small group that meets twice monthly to open up lines of communication between spouses, reflect on the concept of commitment, and compare recriminations. We are looking for one more couple to replace the Guptys, who now claim to be blissfully in love. Who are THEY kidding? Please note: husbands must show up."

In fanfiction[edit]

Kristen Bealer's "Children of the Scorn" has Daria and Quinn stuck at Therapy Night after all, and so are a large number of their classmates.

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