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The CRAPPIES were "anti-fanfiction awards" meant to counter the Booties, taking place in early 2005 and 2006.


Seeking to spur discussion on the nature of fanfiction writing and critiquing, Kara Wild created the CRAPPIE awards for fanfiction. The CRAPPIES encountered a lot of criticism on both sides, with some fans saying it went too far, while others saying that it did not go far enough. Because Wild meant for the CRAPPIES to shine a light on the excesses of fanfics that were widely considered "good," fans like CINCGREEN felt that she was just giving already popular writers more exposure, while ignoring the truly bad ones. Wild countered that truly bad fanfic authors deserved no exposure, good or bad, and that the CRAPPIE awards were meant to instill humility in fanfic authors. Wild oversaw the 2004 CRAPPIE awards, while RLobinske and Quiverwing (then nmorgendorffer) oversaw the 2005 CRAPPIES, with Wild's input. By early 2007, however, Wild realized that she had read little fanfic from 2006 and was too busy to hold the anti-awards, and decided to discontinue them.

The Angst Guy believes he would have swept the field for 2006 had the awards been held a third year, given his increasing number of wins in the previous years. [I could've been a contender! - TAG]


  • Best Use of a Lot of Words to Say Very Little
  • Most Unbelievable "Real" (Canon) Dariaverse Situation
  • Most Unbelievable Alternate Dariaverse Situation
  • Fanfic Most Likely to be a Favorite of the Fashion Club
  • Fanfic Most Likely to Make You Start Drinking (or Make You Start Again) (Angst/Drama)
  • Fanfic That Kevin Would Find Most Funny (Comedy)
  • Fanfic Most Likely to Make Ms. Li Call You a Fascist (Action)
  • "Wha... Huh?" Most Incomprehensible Storyline
  • Fanfic With the Most Gratuitous Mentions of Daria Fans or Fanfic Authors
  • Fanfic Most Likely to Cause Diabetic Shock
  • Visual Most Likely to Cause the Reader to Gouge His/Her Eyes Out
  • Fanfic Most Likely to Abuse Our Tolerance of Mary Sues
  • "Well Duh." Most Heavy-Handed Foreshadowing
  • Biggest Titanic of Fanfiction (Worst 'Shipper Story) (* added in the 2nd Annual CRAPPIES)
  • Biggest "What the Fuck?" Ending
  • Most Out of Character Daria
  • Most Out of Character Jane
  • Most Out of Character Quinn
  • Most Out of Character Helen
  • Most Out of Character Jake
  • Fanfic Most Likely to Make You Run Off Screaming Into the Night

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