Cristal Cielo

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First seen in Legion of Lawndale Heroes, Cristal Cielo is the Caribbean island where Natalia Luchinni had planned an ocean-side dinner upon her lover Darren Appleton, which he doesn't show up for. Fully one-half of the island is directly owned by the Luchinni family, and they control the other half on general principle.

In an upcoming LLH 'Mini', the island is purchased outright from the Luchinni family by unnamed interests on behalf of The Elite. In addition, generous resettlement packages are offered to all of the island's residents, as well as offer them new homes and employment on other islands in the general vicinity. There were no residents who chose not to accept the offers, and all have left willingly.

There is no further information on any activities taking place on Cristal Cielo at this time.