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First mentioned in The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow and actually seen in Lunch Hour In Lawndale, DELPHI is a covert United States organization that acts as the aegis for several programs within the U.S. Government and the U.S. military and intelligence apparatus (in several realities within the Daria Multiverse). The primary focus of DELPHI appears to be the collection of information from any and all known sources, the examination of such information to assess any possible threat to United States interests and the creation of any necessary and specific countermeasures to those threats, primarily through the use of advanced technology and 'specialized human assets'. With the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (which absorbed many independant agencies), all DELPHI personnel who were operating under federal credentials of those agencies now have Homeland Security credentials, as well as the additional recources and jurisdiction that Homeland Security possesses.

Named after the site of the fabled Oracle in Greco-Roman mythology, the agency's motto is, Forewarned is forearmed, or Praemonitus, praemunitus in Latin.

There are several programs and agencies involved with DELPHI. Known operations and agencies beneath the DELPHI aegis include:

  • DELPHI Secretariat. The administrative arm of DELPHI.
  • D.O.M.A.: The Department of Magical Affairs. Actually considered separate from the rest of DELPHI operations, D.O.M.A. is responsible for action as a liaison agency with what is known as 'the Wizarding World', as well as enforcing all laws applicable to U.S. citizens who fall into that category. D.O.M.A. has several branches, foremost of which is the 'Bureau of Spell Registry' (also known as the 'First Registry' in public.) During the government reorganization that created the Department of Homeland Security, D.O.M.A. became a Federal Department in its own right; however (for the purposes of secrecy), 'First Registry' Special Agents are listed and considered as FBI Special Agents (they identify themselves with the designation 'FBI - First Registry'). Under special circumstances (such as in times of declared war), D.O.M.A. falls under the direct jurisdiction of the DELPHI Secretariat.

(Under a recent government reorganization due to the events of The Judith Saga, D.O.M.A. became a major Federal agency in its own right, operates with DEXA oversight and the Director of the department reports directly to both the Secretary of Extranormal Affairs and the Director of DEXA (currently, that position is held by Paula Trainor.)

  • P.O.G.O.: Arguably the largest and most well-known of the organizations aligned with DELPHI. Short for Paranormal Oriented Global Operations, P.O.G.O. teams are six- to fifteen-man special units that are deployed around the globe as needed, with the primary focus being on discrete, extended-duration reconnaissance missions in hostile areas (The flexible nature of the terms 'discrete', 'extended-duration' and 'hostile areas' has ruffled the feathers of some friendly intelligence agencies that have stumbled upon their operations, as P.O.G.O. tactics, in some theaters of operation, are nearly identical to running intelligence networks.) At present, there are over five hundred P.O.G.O. teams in operation. All P.O.G.O. troopers are equipped with advanced mil-spec tactical, surveillance and communications gear, and most (over 85%) have metahuman abilities. Unlike any other facet of DELPHI (save Project Fast Forward), P.O.G.O. has the authority to immediately acquire (for limited durations and under special circumstances) resources and personnel from any other organization for the use of the P.O.G.O. teams; one source for new P.O.G.O. troopers is USAES, which routinely sends between one-quarter to one-third of its graduates per year into the P.O.G.O. teams. The motto of the P.O.G.O. teams is 'We observe and strike in silence'.
  • Project Fast Forward: The first program created under the DELPHI aegis, and the primary research and development arm of the organization. Located in Niagara Falls, New York. Several other DELPHI units began as special-action projects within Project Fast Forward, and the program, like P.O.G.O., has the authority to immediately acquire (for limited durations and under special circumstances) resources and personnel from any other organization for their use. Furthermore, Project Fast Forward has the authority to exercise 'eminent domain' over other projects' operating facilities (a rarely-used power) for the course of 'situations of national emergency'. Paula Trainor was the Director of the Project before she took an Assistant Dean's position at Tennyson University, and was replaced by Robert Bakeson.
  • Project Circuit Breaker: Created in 1947 as a direct result of advanced technology scavenged from the 'Wickenberg Incident', the unit formed to study and develop 'quantum-level' advanced-technology systems, as well as ways to counteract/circumvent their effects. Project Circuit Breaker is one of the largest units under the DELPHI aegis, one of the few units that operates on a semi-permanent basis at USAES (using cadets as active staff members) and one of the primary sources for DELPHI funding (by the sale and patents on high-tech devices).
  • Project Starseed: Similar to Stargate Command, this is the unit tasked with extraterrestrial exploration, research, defense and human colonization of other worlds. Works closely with Project Fast Forward on many operations. It has recently been revealed that Project Starseed is actually a long-running joint Department of Defense/DELPHI organization that in time of planetary emergency comes under DOD jurisdiction (namely, U.S. Air Force command-and-control).
  • Project Uatu: With headquarters located in Baltimore, MD., and named for the fictional (?) character from comics, this arm of DELPHI is involved with the field of interdimensional and trans-temporal operations relating to research and policing individuals and technology capable of moving between dimensions, alternate/parallel worlds and realities, and throughout time itself. Project Uatu is VERY aware of such things as 'The Bleed' and the Daria Multiverse, and while very tolerant of most ID/AU 'incursions' (because they covertly observe and analyze the technology used and both the points or origin and destination for their own purposes), will step in when necessary. They are the section of DELPHI most recently incorporated into their own unit, having their duties formerly carried out by both Fast Forward and Alphawave Access. Project Uatu has in their possession, among other articles, the ID portal confiscated from Jake Morgendorffer's father's organization in the stories of Crusading Saint - and they are the ones actively searching for one of the Gateways created by the Architects. They are also the only part of DELPHI with any real knowledge of The Well Of Souls. When not performing specific duties for Paula Trainor, Priscilla Henry works for DELPHI as a Project Uatu operative, and has gone on many 'incursions' to other worlds.
  • SABRE: A select group of U.S. military personnel, taken from all seven branches of the U. S. uniformed services. Unlike the P.O.G.O. teams, SABRE forces are tasked and trained for overt military response, and are usually deployed when DELPHI needs to use military assets in situations that may become public (such as off-world duties involving Ringbearers). Short for Special Activities Battalion/Response/Extranormal. One of the first SABRE units created is the Exterminators, which is commanded by Brigadier General Franklin Davers and composed of rescued survivors from a Mantoid slaver vessel (following the events of "Behind Enemy Lines").
  • Project Socrates: The educational and indoctrination arm of DELPHI. Also significant in that a great many of the personnel assigned to this program are also Special Assignments Division officers.
  • Special Assignments Division: Essentially a real-life version of the Impossible Missions Force. Operatives are given specific assignments considered of vital and immediate importance to DELPHI. Mistaken at first for a special-response section of the United Nations Secretariat, the Special Assignments Division was first mentioned in "The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow." The Special Assignments Division is an 'as-needed' section of DELPHI, with no real headquarters or facilities; officers are assigned to other areas of DELPHI and are drawn from their primary assignments as needed (for example, Kyle Armalin is officially designated as an operative of Project Socrates; before that, he was a P.O.G.O. team leader).
  • Special Assignments Oversight Committee (U.S. Department of Defense): The organization's command section and its dedicated administrative/support group.

Known DELPHI operatives and persons associated with the organization include: