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Comedy author who wrote the Open Windows stories and The Dammitall Run. His AU centers around Season 5 and includes Tom Sloane's good friends, Clovis Lee-Daniels and Wasabi. The stories surprisingly mix witty comedy with martial-arts action, or in the case of The Dammitall Run, car chases and crashes.

DJW is English and in his early 20s (although he was once mistaken for 40, much to his annoyance). He rarely posts outside of the creative writing section of PPMB and even there his posts are sporadic at best, this is due to him being prone to writer's block that can last for months on end (6+ months is the current record). However, these periods usually end in sudden bursts of creativity. His fic writing is currently on a "done when it's done" basis due to various other things taking up his time, but he doesn't planned to quit yet.

He is an avid comic book fan and is prone to go off on long rants about them if people are not careful. Usually the mention of Squirrel Girl is able to calm him down and divert his train of thought in these events. He attempted one or two fics involving superhero-related themes in Daria before (i.e., the Steel Jaguar God Battler Oxidiser X series), but these have both wound up in limbo along with most if not all of his pre-Open Windows fic (the mere mention of most of this is enough to make him twitch).

Daria Fanworks Awards[edit]

3rd Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favourite Comedy (tie) for The Dammitall Run
  • Favourite Crossover for The Dammitall Run
  • Favourite Movie Parody for The Dammitall Run
  • Favourite New Series for Open Windows

The CRAPPIES Awards[edit]

1st CRAPPIES Awards

  • Wha... Huh?" Most Incomprehensible Storyline for "One Night is All I Ask"