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In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes shared-world series, DPI (or Differently-Powered Individual) is the term most commonly used by the average person to describe individuals with superhuman powers, skills and abilities. It is considered the civilian equivalent to the term metahuman, which is the primary term used by most governments, military forces, police and intelligence agencies for such individuals).

The term was first created by Senator James Bowman sometime in the mid-1980's (after the creation and ratification of the Bowman Acts. However, it did not come into general use by any means until immediately after Revelation Day (when Legion Chapter Number One - Lawndale, Maryland revealed itself to be comprised entirely of DPIs), and Operation Silver Shield (the deployment of members and equipment from the United States Special Powers Command to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of [ Hurricane Maria]).

The term has become a term that has been easily accepted by many individuals, including DPIs themselves. (It is also an easy way of identifying where such individuals have received any special training; government- or military-trained individuals will identify themsleves as 'metahumans', whereas civilians will refer to themselves and others as 'DPI's or simply as 'DPI'.