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DVDaria is a website devoted to putting Daria out on DVD. Consisting of links to numerous actions a fan could take, its centerpiece is a web petition, currently containing 25,000 signatures. Run by Alan Benard from March 2001 until August 2002, DVDaria is currently being run by Kara Wild. The site achieved its ultimate goal with the coming of Daria: The Complete Animated Series on DVD. The website has been dormant since then. Wild insists that DVDaria will get updated again, but her life has been very busy. She does not believe that she will be able to oversee a campaign for the international release, due to time and lack of resources.


In spring of 2001, with the demise of Daria imminent (the final six episodes would air that summer), many fans were discouraged, feeling as though there would be nothing left to stick around for. Eventually the idea of taking a "next step," rallying around the cause of putting the show on DVD, became popular. Several fans took steps to make this idea a reality.

As noted on the DVDaria Credits & Legal page and elsewhere:

  • Admonisher was responsible for coming up with the name DVDaria.
  • David Wycislak designed the original header and wrote the mission statement.
  • Martin J. Pollard designed the banners, which could be distributed to other websites.
  • Aapo Laitinen designed the DVDaria website.
  • Martin Sylvester gave instructions on how to write to MTV.
  • Alan Benard updated the website regularly and is responsible for the statements "Whoever thought trying to give a TV network money would be such an effort?" and "The Web's finest exquisitely written, angry petition!" The latter poked fun at a statement made on the MTV Daria website, which was viewed as a snub of the fans.

Other fan sites would lend their support. Kara Wild would eventually offer webspace at the-wildone.com, where she also hosted the Contrarian's Corner. Eager to escape the pop-ups of Geocities, Benard moved the contents of DVDaria to the-wildone.com in February 2002 (thus escaping the GeoCities Shutdown of 2009).

Recent News[edit]

On July 2, 2009, DVDaria joined a chorus of websites in announcing that Daria was scheduled to come out on DVD in 2010. On November 20, 2009, DVDaria gave more details about the upcoming release, including how the seasons would be released, the extras, and the music. For more on the DVD set itself (and fandom reaction to it), see Daria: The Complete Animated Series.